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Jeremy William, a film maker in United States, who worked on film making over 10 years.

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Jeremy William – J
Emily – E

E: Welcome to TaiMaHou. Today, we are very fortunate to be able to interview the film maker Jeremy William, from California, US.

E: Hi Jeremy. Since you are working at film area, what do you think about the film work?

J: The United States has the oldest film industry(and largest in terms of revenue), and Los Angeles, California is the primary nexus of the U.S. film industry. , Touchstone PicturesHollywood PicturesMiramax Films, and thePixar Animation Studios is actually headquartered in Southern California.

J: Being involved in the film industry is a very tough and challenging career option and yet rewarding if your are blessed with the chance of being able to chose a successful film idea with a exciting screenplay and being able to work with some of the top directors and actors and actresses in the industry, but behind the 90 minutes of film lies the tremendous amount of work and dedications of hundreds of people.I think that people that are Hollywood-born, and raised in Hollywood, and have done TV all their life– they抮e still very dedicated to good work and They want to do good work. and I think the film work is the people behind it made up the backbone of this multi billion dollar industry and I think that your blog is very interesting and incorporate a collection of ideas and personal views towards the film industry and I think u did a great job in providing a platform for these ideas to flow freely to people that might be interested in the film industry by using the internet as means to reach the masses.

E: What is the biggest different between a film and a soap opera or TV series? Do you think they are gonna affect each other?

J: Films are cultural artifacts created by specific cultures, which reflect those cultures, and, in turn, affect them. Film is considered to be an important art form, a source of popular entertainment and a powerful method foreducating. The visual elements of cinema gives motion pictures a universal power of communication. But with drama its a different story. Because with a drama, you would work 15 hours days, from 5:30 in the morning until midnight but drama series is like a little movies or film where u almost have to work everyday for x amount of hours and it can be hard.

J: The biggest difference with regard to sit-com vs drama series is the hours or the scheduling because they have normal hours. In a sit-com, you work five days in a week and for example Monday you抣l table-read. Maybe you抣l start staging, maybe not. And then you stage through the week. Thursday, you might tape a few of the scenes. Friday, they do it in front of a live audience, the scenes that have not been taped. So you are getting the audience reaction. 

E: What is your favorite movie?

J: My favorite movie is 1994 American drama film written and directed by Frank Darabont, loosely based on theStephen King novella Rita Hayworth and Shawshank Redemption. The film stars Tim Robbins as Andrew “Andy” Dufresne and Morgan Freeman as Ellis Boyd “Red” Redding.

J: The film portrays Andy spending nearly two decades in Shawshank State Prison, a fictional penitentiary in Maineand his friendship with Red, a fellow inmate and how they survived the dark injustices behind the walls and managed to escape from the prison after spending 20 years being wrongfully accused.

E: What kind of movies do you think would be more liked by the audience?

J: I think this is a hard question, I think the mass audience would be attracted to movies that re-iterate the common values that they both share. but there is also gender difference involved, while males may attracted to gangster movies or explosive packed action movies or martial arts movies which appeals to them psychologically as a fantasy. while females may attracted to sweet and romantic theme films and so called “chick-flicks” that appeals to younger female audiences. but in general, a well welcomed movie must have defends its core value and appeals to the sentiments of mass public.

E: As we all know, lots of movies are always controversial, Do you think the audience should appreciate a movie from what point of views?

J: Like I said earlier, films are considered powerful method for educating people and there are many films that are considered controversial because it contradicts alot of values that we have become so use to and does this means that what is being portrayed in the film is actually wrong?

J: Well, a open and free society should welcome and embrace new ideas or new ways of thinking and i think the audience has the final say in what they approve and disapprove but in the end, its a matter of differences in personal opinions. 

E: I think you already know our blog is talking about film, what do you think of it and do you have any advice?

J: I think that your blog is a very useful tool and a platform for exchanging different ideas between people and I think it is a vital part in educating and spread knowledge of the film industry and I will suggest that u continue work with different people in the industry and gain more insights.

E: Okay, very happy to talk to you today. Do you have anything want to say to our audience?

J: Films are considered real and true art creations that reflects our time, culture, values, fantasy, environment and expose alot of social issues and ultimately in seek of truth, so, any idea, no matter how small it is, will have the chance of eventually transform itself into timeless art creations. and I would like to encourage the audience to welcome and embrace the films industry, ever revolving changes and the ideas it portrays. 

E: Thanks Jeremy.




Wong Ka Wai. He is famous Hong Kong Director. A lot of Beautiful screen came from his movie. His first major international recognition was at the 1997 Cannes Film Festival where he won the Best Director prize for Happy Together (1997). A film that “uses gorgeous, saturated images set to an eclectic soundtrack of tango by Argentinian maestro Astor Piazolla, Brazilian singer Caetano Veloso and Frank Zappa instrumentals to chronicle the stormy affair of a gay couple living as expatriates in Buenos Aires.” Despite his background as a screenwriter, one of Wong’s trademarks as a director is that he works largely through improvisation and experimentation involving the actors and crew rather than adhering to a fixed screenplay. This has been a frequent source of trouble for his actors, his financial backers and many other people connected with his films, including sometimes himself. The filming of In the Mood for Love (2000) had to be shifted from Beijing to Macau after the China Film Bureau demanded to see the completed script. This was all in all a minor setback in the “very complicated evolution” of the project which goes as far back as 1997. It was Wong’s intention to make two films, one of which would be titled Beijing Summer, the plot unclear at the time, but eventually taking form in Macau.


At this moment, Wong planned to call it Three Stories About Food, but saw it better to settle for only one story, A Story About Food, that centers on a writer. Together with scenes shot in Bangkok and Angkor Wat, the filming took as long as 15 months. This was an especially arduous time for lead actress Maggie Cheung whose hair and makeup reportedly took a daily five hours, and who appeared in a different cheongsam in each scene. She famously compared the lengthy shoot to a cold she couldn’t get rid of. Working without deadlines, the film’s upcoming premier at Cannes nonetheless put some pressure on Wong to finish editing. Intending to name the film Secrets he was dissuaded by Cannes, and finally named it In the Mood for Love after Bryan Ferry’s cover of the song “I’m in the Mood for Love” he was listening

My Blunberry Night (2007) is the first movie in Hollywood.

We alo have a interview with Ayumi, and discuss about her lovely director – Wong Ka Wai

Just go to Ayumi (Wong Ka Wai). mp3


c87c6ecf4363ac17f9dc616bWall-E, the most sensitive machinery ever!


When others gone or give up, but Wall-E still remains on his duty day after day.


Explored the sea, studied the super-powers, Biao after a car, but also with a small mouse to conquer Paris, animation industry, the more arrogant supremacy Pixar red heaven and earth put down pronouncements: Looking at the earth, out of the Milky Way! While your head for the 3D, Pixar Animation in the past two years, some of dispute we rather unconvinced – Cars Oscars battle defeat at the Happy Feet, the Ratatouille earned a word of mouth but the overall standings at the box office no match for Shrek 3 because he wanted to consolidate the industry’s oldest throne, orders the Quartet of the pack, ace Pixar director Andrew Stanton ( Finding Nemo) also contain himself came back!8b527d2721d62326918f9d09


“Earth’s last robot” out to battle indeed extraordinary – according to official data, the lovely voice of his gabble is subject to the Star Wars R2-D2 in the impact of a rich body is a funny action Chaplin Master Chuan Zhen , it was common to steal the division from the Woody Allen sense of humor, delicate and charming big eyes binoculars inspired by half from half from Pixar Alone Huadan (Logo Luxo Jr.), but in order to give it spirituality, and more in charge-off Star Wars, “Indiana Jones”, ET that other masterpiece of the Oscar-winning soundman finishing touch. Is extremely cute little guy-watt power, definitely has the potential to become future world, the ultimate pet!


If you think this is just the Pixar 3D map of the expansion a step at home, it really is a sinister heart of a gentleman’s belly. If it were not mad then Pixar’s space beyond the technology, too many people’s imaginations, as early debut in the animated film Toy Story before the birth, the robot had interplanetary adventure trip. Years later, Pixar animators who worked day and night the year of technology development, staffing a monumental classic anatomy (bone and muscle in order to study the exact movement) after all the hard work benefited immensely – once a dream trip to finally be able to screen Perfect presentation, animation officially no limit!


Another will appear in the live-action film actor Fred Willard, he will play Buynlarge president, in the cartoon appear live, which is th95afee1ff62898d5e0fe0b07e first time at Pixar.


Environmental protection and science-fiction film about the love story is just appendages of the film only as “background” to play lay out, not the director to show the point. Particular mention is the film’s rendering of space, when a small Wall-E with the hand glide glittering crystal meteor, when he was using a fire extinguisher spray of white foam in the deep blue of the space using paint of love “shape”, the hard not to indulge in the beautiful screen. this time , no matter what age you are, how many would be envious of him, and be able to surf in the universe. Wall-E is in fact the hearts of every person that remnants of the child, and we also like him as a child, for any curious things, but From the day began, when we know everything the original role, it began to lose its share of exploring the mentality of the imagination to replace the loss of a day by day. film by Wall-E also brings out each person who this world of fantasy and longing.


Wall-E and EVE to shape the personality and their love story is between the film’s narrative focus. Through the acts of Wall-E daily show after his curiosity, and then he was watching TV when the intoxicated eyes and stretch fingers to the express his “love” the desire and inner loneliness. EVE appears, his series of silly behavior is a vivid manifestation of love when they know what to do. As for the other two will be called the name of the role, the “Shall We Shuo Aid8b8c92a075ef108d42af10a “seems not so easy, Wall-E robot is needed is just to prove” action “rather than” sweet. “in the affection of the same time, the creator has not forgotten that they depict the two” juvenile ” roles typical of many young people do move, such as Wall-E will be happy and excited like a child sitting on the sofa, clinging to legs (wheels) before and after the shaking, very vivid. in the animated films to tell a love story, in fact, Language is not critical. In the past Disney fairy tale, the princess and the prince often used song and dance to express the joy of love produced, Wall-E is no exception. film, he and EVE dancing in space, the use of fire extinguishers paragraphs, co-ordination romantic music, gorgeous deep space background, appeared to be very romantic. while the Wall-E is stronger than the previous point is that fairy tale of love, it is more good to show through the eyes of the role of love, when Wall-E and EVE with each other, when one of the , their eyes will be down to was intoxicated with the “8:20” shape, an eye is enough to spread a thousand words.



8759287a6e3c0ffe2e73b3b9 After his impetuous musician girlfriend, Samantha (Hewitt), dies in an accident shortly after they had a fight (and nearly broke up), a grief-stricken British businessman, Ian Wyndham (Nicholls), living in London gets a chance to relive the day all over again, in the hope of changing the events that led up to her getting killed…

  It tells us a  touching love story. Samantha is a lively and naive American girl  who in London Music College to study violin, about to graduate. She has a boyfriend who always focus on his job, he loves Samantha but did not understand how to love, how to share the feeling of love. Although their love has been last for a long time, but with the feeling has become more and more monotonous, and the gradual intensification of the contradictions.

  If Only! There is no If Only thing in the world. Perhaps we always will regret after we have lost it. The film is precisely telling the audience ahout such sense.

  Ian’s affectionate confessions to Samantha (dialogue):

“I have loved you since I met you …but I would not allow myself to truly feel it until today. I am always thinking ahead, making decisions out of fear. Today, because of you, what I learned from you …every choice I made was different and my life has completely changed. And I have learned that if you do that, you are living your life fully. It doesn’t matter if you have five minutes or fifty years. Samantha, if not for today, not for you …I would never have known love at all. So thank you for being the person who told me to love and to be loved.”

  Life is not like a movie, we have no chance to start all over again, therefore, through this movie people should understand that love and treasure the people you love, don’t wait untill it is too late!

  In this movie, the heroine Jennifer Love Hewitt’ affectionate perform of singing also touched the hearts of the audience.


Love Will Show You Everything

      Today, today I bet my life
  You have no idea what I feel inside
  Don’t, be afraid to let it show
  For you’ll never know If you let it hide
  I love you,you love you
  Take this gift and don’t ask why
  Cause if you will let me
  I will take what scares hold it deep inside
  And if you ask me why and I’m with you and why I’ll never
  Love will show you everything
  One day when youth is just a memory
  I know you’ll be standing right next to me
  I love you ,you love me
  Take this gift and don’t ask me why
  Cause if you will let me
  I’ll take what scares hold it deep inside
  And if you ask me why I’m with you and why I’ll never leave
  My love will show you everything
  My love will show you everything….thing…
  My love will show you everything

Throughout these lyrics of the songs we could not only understand Samantha’s love  for Ian, but also realize if we love the important people enough? start from now, don’t let love be too late!


Take my Heart Back


infernal-affairsInternal Affairs (無間道Mou Gaan Dou) is one of the best movie in my mind. It is a Hong Kong crime-thriller movie in 2002. This movie formed by the strongest production group. Andrew Lau Wai-Keung (Director), Alan Mak Siu-Fai (Director & Screenwriter), Felix Chong Man-Keung (Screenwriter) and starring Tong Leung, Andy Lau, Anthony Wong and Eric Tsang

The setting is the never-ending war between the police and the Triads of Hong Kong. Chan is a cop who’s been assigned to undercover work inside the Triads for so long that he’s been able to rise through the ranks to a position of some authority. Lau, meanwhile, is a secret member of the Triads who has infiltrated the police force with an equal level of success. As they feed their bosses information on the plans and counter-plans of the organizations they pretend to serve, they both begin to feel the stresses of their double lives as they become torn between the oppressive obligations they owe to their superiors and the growing camaraderie they share with the foot soldiers around them. As the two organizations become increasingly aware of the moles in their midsts, the race is on for Chan and Lau to try and get out of the game alive.



In 2003, Brad Pitt’s Plan B Entertainment acquired the rights for a Hollywood remake, titled The Departed, which was directed by Martin Scorsese, and stars Matt Damon, Leonardo DiCaprio and Jack Nicholson, and set in Boston, Massachusetts. The Departed was released on 6 October 2006. It means Hong Kong Movies still have a power in the World.  

It is one of the best film in my heart. I STRONGLY recommend you to watch this movie – Infernal Affair

Finally, lets click the audio – Ayumi interview (movie & TV).mp3
I found my friend Ayumi who is studying Art media & production in UTS.


face_124814903478436  Slogan-Life is a messy business. Life is a mess. 

  The Sisterhood of the murder of two in order to clean the site for the industry, to explore a new direction in life!

  Starring by Amy Adams and  Emily Blunt subversive comedy, “Little Miss Sunshine” producer Jeb Brody, “bottle beauty” Female guide to build Christine clean Fusi together, the two good sisters to clean the murder scene for the industry, to explore a new direction in life! 

  Rose (Amy Adams decorated) beautiful and cheerful, and high school cheerleader is the envy of everyone, but she never thought his future would be a single mother, relying on the meager earnings as a maid to support their families, struggling to waiting a married man boyfriend, her sister Nora (Emilie Li Bulang decoration) is unemployed and her father Joe has been a long time (Ya Luna gold) to live. 

  In order to send a child a good school, Rose began to convince Nora with a “special cleaning service” to clean up the murder scene disposable leisure in order to earn substantial income in the period of practice, Rose finally see her own life , while Nora was they had found an interest in ….。 


Sentence review 

For Amy Adams, the “Sunshine Cleaning” This fully expose the film actor individual talent, there is no doubt that her performing career, one of the most important works. 

This should be a very complicated film has considerably reduced the number of clues, but Amy Adams’s role is very solid and plump. 

Two excellent actors in their performances on the road has already made good achievements, in the “Sunshine Cleaning,” where the performance makes the audience feel a lot of surprises. 
Filmschoolrejects. Com 



Behind the scenes

Magic Princess gorgeous turn 

In numerous ups and downs of Hollywood actress, Amy Adams Xing Road, go be an actor rather smooth. She was Disney’s comedy “Enchanted” and hit it big last year’s “child abuse S


upremacy,” acting great acclaim, but also won an Oscar for best supporting actress nomination. The occasion of great heat, Amy Adams was filming of the “Sunshine Cleaning” Such a small production of literature and art, for this movie, Amy Adams, said: “This is a lot of people may be neglected works, but the it is I have to pay attention to a movie. I like this story, it looks very dramatic, the story of the development also makes unexpected, but the movie was everywhere at the real life atmosphere, can this two kinds of styles together, so I find it very interesting, so I decided to finish filming of the script. That is a difficult one or two sentences describe the completion of the story went, it is actually by a number of small a combination of the story and finally combined into a movie. There are many viewers are concerned about the film’s story, I can not say too much, but I am sure this is the story that you have not previously seen. ” 

Talking about no longer play the princess, but the bottom of society to play a cleaner, Amy Adams’s view is: “When I have my friends say that they will in the new film played a cleaner, when My friend said I was crazy. They say that the story is certainly fantastic, I think they really know me. In the “Sunshine Cleaning,” where my role is one that some Datailielie woman, she once failed marriage, in the processing and other members of the family relationship there is a lot of trouble, work is not really good, but she was very optimistic, and she was also very brilliant in school, when there are a lot of people like her. This is in fact the film would be a woman in the community on how to re-establish their position, and deal with various crises encountered in life. I feel that although the story of the film in reality will not happen, but it is in public in many details are enough to give the space a lot of learning and thinking, I feel that a person no matter what difficulties we encountered, they should remain optimistic, like “Sunshine Cleaning,” where I play, like Rose and positive to face life a variety of issues. ”




ice-age-3-posterA group of old friends will be the beginning of a new journey…

Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs

The mammoth Nanny is in the joy of becoming a father soon, while the saber-toothed tiger Diego is in the gloom of his own aging, at the same time, sloth Sid has found three eggs, he wants to become these three tyrannosaurus’s mother, but abducted by their real mother. In order to find their companion, a group of lovely animal friends went to hide in the “Jurassic Park” which under the ice age. In this magical place, what kind of new friends will they meet? what kind of risks will they be encountered? These are made full expectations of all the fans of Ice Age

This film as the first large-scale exhibition of 3D animation of 20th Century Fox, which costs 120 million U.S. dollars, it almost the twice cost of Ice Age 1.

Ice Age 3: Dawn of the Dinosaurs releases its latest English posters, the trailer was also on air before the movie release in North America in ‘Horton Hears w Who’ studio. The funny squirrel Scrat is remain the main starring in the trailer.

Ice Age 3: Dawn of the Dinosaurs released in July 1st, 2009,  it is the latest movie in the Ice Age series. The first two sets of the series gained the global box office up to 1.2 billion U.S. dollars. Ice Age 3 is directed by the Oscar-nominated director Carlos Saldanha, he has been directed Ice Age 2 independently, and also co-directed Ice Age 1.

Ice Age 3 not only contains the elements that audience loved from first two sets, but also becomes more interesting, more dangerous and more visual impact to the audience. In this movie the main character will meet some new friends, who are they? what is Sid’s biggest worry? … after watching the Ice Age 3, you would find the answer!



I love this movie very much. The Australia release date in cinema was at 14th August 2008 and released on 12th May 2009 on DVD . Taken is a French movie starrring Liam Neeson, Femke Janssen and Maggie Grace. It was directed by Pierre Morel. 

CIA agent Bryan Mills (Liam Neeson) has a 17 year old daughter Kim (Maggie Grace). She is kidnapped by  someone in France, and Bryan need to save his daughter in 72 hours. After 72 hours, he will not see his daughter again. In this movie, Liam Nesson has showed us a lot of techniques of CIA. 

Why CIA is so powerful?
Who set it up?
What is the job in CIA? 

The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) is a civilian intelligence agency of the United States government. It is an independent U.S. Government agency responsible for providing national security Intelligence (information gathering) to senior U.S. policymakers. It is the successor of the Office of Strategic Services (OSS) formed, during World War II, to coordinate espionage activities between the branches of the US military services. The National Security Act of 1947 established the CIA, affording it “no police or law enforcement functions, either at home or abroad.” One year later this mandate was expanded to include “sabotage, anti-sabotage, demolition and evacuation measures…. Subversion (and) assistance to underground resistance movements, guerrillas and refugee liberation movements, and support of indigenous anti-communist elements in threatened countries of the free world”

Good story, Good actor, Good screen. Let’s go and watch it now!


ef8cbe6007fd60fd8cb10d51“A dog has no use for fancy cars

or big homes of designer clothes

A waterlogged stick will do just fine

A dog doesn’t care if you are rich or poor

clever or dull,smart or dumb

Give’em your heart and he’ll give you his

How many people can you say that about?

How many people can make you feel rare and pure and special?

How many people can make you feel…extraordinary?”

—–Marley & Me


On John and Jenny’s wedding night, there was an unexpected heavy snowfall. Thus, this newly-married couple decided to leave the could Michigan winter, to South Florida, West Palm Beach to start their new life. To the destination, they have a competitive relationship in the local newspaper of two journalists found their work and bought a house, and began their married life, everything is brand new start.

Because of uncertainty whether they had been well prepared child-rearing, John made his own friend Sebastian – but also his colleagues in the newspaper to talk the matter. Sebastian give John a perfect solution, which is John could send a puppy to Jenny, he told John dog actually is very simple, nothing more than a walk, feed thins, and let it play out from time to time.

Marley grew up in a gradual process, it witnessed the gan Bigelow and his wife spent the ups and downs of family life, accompanied by their work and has experienced changes in their homes, the most important thing is that it as part of family members witnessed the gradual mature families through all the challenges and difficulties. Slowly, John and Jennifer realize that Marley – Trick or Treat this the world’s most naughty dog – has become their emotional part of the most important.

This movie is adapted from the best-selling novel. 

A few years ago, when director David Frankel have been holding his own rough cut movie “The Queen Wears Prada” to his boss, the President of Fox 2000, Elizabeth Gabler, Gabler was very satisfied with the film and then handed over to David the best-selling book, letting him translate into a film. This best-selling book is called “Marley and Me: life and love with the world’s worst dog“. The author of this book is a newspaper columnist John Grogan, the book is about the experience of he and his wife and a labrador living together. Shortly after the publication of this book, Marley is be loved by the reads by his vibrant, lovely, loyal, brave and popular image, quickly leapt to America’s first major best-seller lists. John is also a fame, therefore, become one of the most famous author of the best-seller in the Sates. 

The movie’s starring are the famous actress and actor Jannifer Auiston, Owen Wilson

The best film of the year, you should watch it!





It would be the craziest comedy in this year – Doug will get marry on the day after tomorror.
Two days before the wedding, the four men (Doug, Phil, Stu and Alan) in the wedding party in Las Vegas.
The morning after their arrival in Las Vegas, they awaken in their hotel suite each with the worst hangover.
No one remembers what happened in the past twelve hours. And that they lose Doug! They need to remind their memories and find Doug in 48 hours.

The film had a marketing budget of $40 million. But it had a good result until now.
On the first day of release, it made $ 16.5 million in US. After a week, it finished with $45 million in the first weekend.
Since the date of release, it has earned $266.3 million in US and $136.8 million internationally. It is total $403.1 million, that is the highest grossing R-rated comedy ever in US. 

All characters have amazing act, they try to bring audience that focus on some interesting.
Especially Zach Galifianakis (who act as Alan Garner, a socially awkward, soon to be brother-in-law of the groom.
In the one screen of movie

Fantastic experiences happen on these four guys, that’s a interesting story I never heard before.
A lot of crazy things happened when they were drunk. Humor screens occur frequently in the movie, from the begining to ending.

If you want to get a laugh and have a happy night, ‘The Hangover’ can be your first choice.


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