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Our old friends come again! Ice Age 3

ice-age-3-posterA group of old friends will be the beginning of a new journey…

Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs

The mammoth Nanny is in the joy of becoming a father soon, while the saber-toothed tiger Diego is in the gloom of his own aging, at the same time, sloth Sid has found three eggs, he wants to become these three tyrannosaurus’s mother, but abducted by their real mother. In order to find their companion, a group of lovely animal friends went to hide in the “Jurassic Park” which under the ice age. In this magical place, what kind of new friends will they meet? what kind of risks will they be encountered? These are made full expectations of all the fans of Ice Age

This film as the first large-scale exhibition of 3D animation of 20th Century Fox, which costs 120 million U.S. dollars, it almost the twice cost of Ice Age 1.

Ice Age 3: Dawn of the Dinosaurs releases its latest English posters, the trailer was also on air before the movie release in North America in ‘Horton Hears w Who’ studio. The funny squirrel Scrat is remain the main starring in the trailer.

Ice Age 3: Dawn of the Dinosaurs released in July 1st, 2009,  it is the latest movie in the Ice Age series. The first two sets of the series gained the global box office up to 1.2 billion U.S. dollars. Ice Age 3 is directed by the Oscar-nominated director Carlos Saldanha, he has been directed Ice Age 2 independently, and also co-directed Ice Age 1.

Ice Age 3 not only contains the elements that audience loved from first two sets, but also becomes more interesting, more dangerous and more visual impact to the audience. In this movie the main character will meet some new friends, who are they? what is Sid’s biggest worry? … after watching the Ice Age 3, you would find the answer!


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