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Life is a Messy Business—- Sunshine Cleaning

face_124814903478436  Slogan-Life is a messy business. Life is a mess. 

  The Sisterhood of the murder of two in order to clean the site for the industry, to explore a new direction in life!

  Starring by Amy Adams and  Emily Blunt subversive comedy, “Little Miss Sunshine” producer Jeb Brody, “bottle beauty” Female guide to build Christine clean Fusi together, the two good sisters to clean the murder scene for the industry, to explore a new direction in life! 

  Rose (Amy Adams decorated) beautiful and cheerful, and high school cheerleader is the envy of everyone, but she never thought his future would be a single mother, relying on the meager earnings as a maid to support their families, struggling to waiting a married man boyfriend, her sister Nora (Emilie Li Bulang decoration) is unemployed and her father Joe has been a long time (Ya Luna gold) to live. 

  In order to send a child a good school, Rose began to convince Nora with a “special cleaning service” to clean up the murder scene disposable leisure in order to earn substantial income in the period of practice, Rose finally see her own life , while Nora was they had found an interest in ….。 


Sentence review 

For Amy Adams, the “Sunshine Cleaning” This fully expose the film actor individual talent, there is no doubt that her performing career, one of the most important works. 

This should be a very complicated film has considerably reduced the number of clues, but Amy Adams’s role is very solid and plump. 

Two excellent actors in their performances on the road has already made good achievements, in the “Sunshine Cleaning,” where the performance makes the audience feel a lot of surprises. 
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Behind the scenes

Magic Princess gorgeous turn 

In numerous ups and downs of Hollywood actress, Amy Adams Xing Road, go be an actor rather smooth. She was Disney’s comedy “Enchanted” and hit it big last year’s “child abuse S


upremacy,” acting great acclaim, but also won an Oscar for best supporting actress nomination. The occasion of great heat, Amy Adams was filming of the “Sunshine Cleaning” Such a small production of literature and art, for this movie, Amy Adams, said: “This is a lot of people may be neglected works, but the it is I have to pay attention to a movie. I like this story, it looks very dramatic, the story of the development also makes unexpected, but the movie was everywhere at the real life atmosphere, can this two kinds of styles together, so I find it very interesting, so I decided to finish filming of the script. That is a difficult one or two sentences describe the completion of the story went, it is actually by a number of small a combination of the story and finally combined into a movie. There are many viewers are concerned about the film’s story, I can not say too much, but I am sure this is the story that you have not previously seen. ” 

Talking about no longer play the princess, but the bottom of society to play a cleaner, Amy Adams’s view is: “When I have my friends say that they will in the new film played a cleaner, when My friend said I was crazy. They say that the story is certainly fantastic, I think they really know me. In the “Sunshine Cleaning,” where my role is one that some Datailielie woman, she once failed marriage, in the processing and other members of the family relationship there is a lot of trouble, work is not really good, but she was very optimistic, and she was also very brilliant in school, when there are a lot of people like her. This is in fact the film would be a woman in the community on how to re-establish their position, and deal with various crises encountered in life. I feel that although the story of the film in reality will not happen, but it is in public in many details are enough to give the space a lot of learning and thinking, I feel that a person no matter what difficulties we encountered, they should remain optimistic, like “Sunshine Cleaning,” where I play, like Rose and positive to face life a variety of issues. ”




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