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Down to Earth

c87c6ecf4363ac17f9dc616bWall-E, the most sensitive machinery ever!


When others gone or give up, but Wall-E still remains on his duty day after day.


Explored the sea, studied the super-powers, Biao after a car, but also with a small mouse to conquer Paris, animation industry, the more arrogant supremacy Pixar red heaven and earth put down pronouncements: Looking at the earth, out of the Milky Way! While your head for the 3D, Pixar Animation in the past two years, some of dispute we rather unconvinced – Cars Oscars battle defeat at the Happy Feet, the Ratatouille earned a word of mouth but the overall standings at the box office no match for Shrek 3 because he wanted to consolidate the industry’s oldest throne, orders the Quartet of the pack, ace Pixar director Andrew Stanton ( Finding Nemo) also contain himself came back!8b527d2721d62326918f9d09


“Earth’s last robot” out to battle indeed extraordinary – according to official data, the lovely voice of his gabble is subject to the Star Wars R2-D2 in the impact of a rich body is a funny action Chaplin Master Chuan Zhen , it was common to steal the division from the Woody Allen sense of humor, delicate and charming big eyes binoculars inspired by half from half from Pixar Alone Huadan (Logo Luxo Jr.), but in order to give it spirituality, and more in charge-off Star Wars, “Indiana Jones”, ET that other masterpiece of the Oscar-winning soundman finishing touch. Is extremely cute little guy-watt power, definitely has the potential to become future world, the ultimate pet!


If you think this is just the Pixar 3D map of the expansion a step at home, it really is a sinister heart of a gentleman’s belly. If it were not mad then Pixar’s space beyond the technology, too many people’s imaginations, as early debut in the animated film Toy Story before the birth, the robot had interplanetary adventure trip. Years later, Pixar animators who worked day and night the year of technology development, staffing a monumental classic anatomy (bone and muscle in order to study the exact movement) after all the hard work benefited immensely – once a dream trip to finally be able to screen Perfect presentation, animation officially no limit!


Another will appear in the live-action film actor Fred Willard, he will play Buynlarge president, in the cartoon appear live, which is th95afee1ff62898d5e0fe0b07e first time at Pixar.


Environmental protection and science-fiction film about the love story is just appendages of the film only as “background” to play lay out, not the director to show the point. Particular mention is the film’s rendering of space, when a small Wall-E with the hand glide glittering crystal meteor, when he was using a fire extinguisher spray of white foam in the deep blue of the space using paint of love “shape”, the hard not to indulge in the beautiful screen. this time , no matter what age you are, how many would be envious of him, and be able to surf in the universe. Wall-E is in fact the hearts of every person that remnants of the child, and we also like him as a child, for any curious things, but From the day began, when we know everything the original role, it began to lose its share of exploring the mentality of the imagination to replace the loss of a day by day. film by Wall-E also brings out each person who this world of fantasy and longing.


Wall-E and EVE to shape the personality and their love story is between the film’s narrative focus. Through the acts of Wall-E daily show after his curiosity, and then he was watching TV when the intoxicated eyes and stretch fingers to the express his “love” the desire and inner loneliness. EVE appears, his series of silly behavior is a vivid manifestation of love when they know what to do. As for the other two will be called the name of the role, the “Shall We Shuo Aid8b8c92a075ef108d42af10a “seems not so easy, Wall-E robot is needed is just to prove” action “rather than” sweet. “in the affection of the same time, the creator has not forgotten that they depict the two” juvenile ” roles typical of many young people do move, such as Wall-E will be happy and excited like a child sitting on the sofa, clinging to legs (wheels) before and after the shaking, very vivid. in the animated films to tell a love story, in fact, Language is not critical. In the past Disney fairy tale, the princess and the prince often used song and dance to express the joy of love produced, Wall-E is no exception. film, he and EVE dancing in space, the use of fire extinguishers paragraphs, co-ordination romantic music, gorgeous deep space background, appeared to be very romantic. while the Wall-E is stronger than the previous point is that fairy tale of love, it is more good to show through the eyes of the role of love, when Wall-E and EVE with each other, when one of the , their eyes will be down to was intoxicated with the “8:20” shape, an eye is enough to spread a thousand words.



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