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Film Maker Interview – Jeremy William

Jeremy William, a film maker in United States, who worked on film making over 10 years.

Listen at audio:  William, J. INTERVIEW.mp3

Jeremy William – J
Emily – E

E: Welcome to TaiMaHou. Today, we are very fortunate to be able to interview the film maker Jeremy William, from California, US.

E: Hi Jeremy. Since you are working at film area, what do you think about the film work?

J: The United States has the oldest film industry(and largest in terms of revenue), and Los Angeles, California is the primary nexus of the U.S. film industry. , Touchstone PicturesHollywood PicturesMiramax Films, and thePixar Animation Studios is actually headquartered in Southern California.

J: Being involved in the film industry is a very tough and challenging career option and yet rewarding if your are blessed with the chance of being able to chose a successful film idea with a exciting screenplay and being able to work with some of the top directors and actors and actresses in the industry, but behind the 90 minutes of film lies the tremendous amount of work and dedications of hundreds of people.I think that people that are Hollywood-born, and raised in Hollywood, and have done TV all their life– they抮e still very dedicated to good work and They want to do good work. and I think the film work is the people behind it made up the backbone of this multi billion dollar industry and I think that your blog is very interesting and incorporate a collection of ideas and personal views towards the film industry and I think u did a great job in providing a platform for these ideas to flow freely to people that might be interested in the film industry by using the internet as means to reach the masses.

E: What is the biggest different between a film and a soap opera or TV series? Do you think they are gonna affect each other?

J: Films are cultural artifacts created by specific cultures, which reflect those cultures, and, in turn, affect them. Film is considered to be an important art form, a source of popular entertainment and a powerful method foreducating. The visual elements of cinema gives motion pictures a universal power of communication. But with drama its a different story. Because with a drama, you would work 15 hours days, from 5:30 in the morning until midnight but drama series is like a little movies or film where u almost have to work everyday for x amount of hours and it can be hard.

J: The biggest difference with regard to sit-com vs drama series is the hours or the scheduling because they have normal hours. In a sit-com, you work five days in a week and for example Monday you抣l table-read. Maybe you抣l start staging, maybe not. And then you stage through the week. Thursday, you might tape a few of the scenes. Friday, they do it in front of a live audience, the scenes that have not been taped. So you are getting the audience reaction. 

E: What is your favorite movie?

J: My favorite movie is 1994 American drama film written and directed by Frank Darabont, loosely based on theStephen King novella Rita Hayworth and Shawshank Redemption. The film stars Tim Robbins as Andrew “Andy” Dufresne and Morgan Freeman as Ellis Boyd “Red” Redding.

J: The film portrays Andy spending nearly two decades in Shawshank State Prison, a fictional penitentiary in Maineand his friendship with Red, a fellow inmate and how they survived the dark injustices behind the walls and managed to escape from the prison after spending 20 years being wrongfully accused.

E: What kind of movies do you think would be more liked by the audience?

J: I think this is a hard question, I think the mass audience would be attracted to movies that re-iterate the common values that they both share. but there is also gender difference involved, while males may attracted to gangster movies or explosive packed action movies or martial arts movies which appeals to them psychologically as a fantasy. while females may attracted to sweet and romantic theme films and so called “chick-flicks” that appeals to younger female audiences. but in general, a well welcomed movie must have defends its core value and appeals to the sentiments of mass public.

E: As we all know, lots of movies are always controversial, Do you think the audience should appreciate a movie from what point of views?

J: Like I said earlier, films are considered powerful method for educating people and there are many films that are considered controversial because it contradicts alot of values that we have become so use to and does this means that what is being portrayed in the film is actually wrong?

J: Well, a open and free society should welcome and embrace new ideas or new ways of thinking and i think the audience has the final say in what they approve and disapprove but in the end, its a matter of differences in personal opinions. 

E: I think you already know our blog is talking about film, what do you think of it and do you have any advice?

J: I think that your blog is a very useful tool and a platform for exchanging different ideas between people and I think it is a vital part in educating and spread knowledge of the film industry and I will suggest that u continue work with different people in the industry and gain more insights.

E: Okay, very happy to talk to you today. Do you have anything want to say to our audience?

J: Films are considered real and true art creations that reflects our time, culture, values, fantasy, environment and expose alot of social issues and ultimately in seek of truth, so, any idea, no matter how small it is, will have the chance of eventually transform itself into timeless art creations. and I would like to encourage the audience to welcome and embrace the films industry, ever revolving changes and the ideas it portrays. 

E: Thanks Jeremy.



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