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cf97910734485‘Tai Mat Hou’ is cantonese words that means ‘What To Watch?’. This blog shares the film informations, news and film review…everything about film.
We want to provide some suggestion for you, when you are thinking ‘ Tai Mat Hou’. Movie is the main entertainment in human culture.
Why it could be a culture? Just ask yourself, do you remember that you play the role of a film character? Do any movies have changed your mind?

The newest movie review, which is showing in Australia cinema. We will write a post to introduce the movie and leave down our comment.
We are going to interview audience who watched the newest movie. Furthermore, we set up a file score for audience to identity the quality of movie.
And we also welcome everyone to make their opinion on the post.  That’s our propose to built up this blog. Welcome to get something here or share something here.

Which one you wanna to watch in this week?

So. What is movie?

Does movie just for entertains audiences or give a tool to waste the your time?

According to a famous  Hong Kong actor, Ng Cho-Fan, who said that “Film must has a message inside the content.
When the audience watched a film, they must get the message or learn something from movie. ”

We have interview someone, they may be have their special opinion on it.